Last fall we spoke to Brooklyn rapper Magneto Dayo, who has collaborated with V-Nasty, the controversial MC who used to be aligned with Kreayshawn in her White Girl Mob crew.

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Dayo said that he and V-Nasty had been involved, and that, further, she got pregnant and said that baby was his. Um, not exactly, responded V-Nasty. In fact, not at all. “Yeah, I've never met him or anything,” she told us. “I just did a song with him through emails…I will kick his ass.”

Dayo did not take this well, and has just released a diss track called “OJ Simpson (Tribute 2 the White Girl Mob),” which you can hear below. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: an all-out escalation of their beef.

Over an instrumental of U.S.D.A.'s “White Girl,” Dayo sings “I got my OJ gloves on,” and accuses V-Nasty of turning her back on him as well as on Kreayshawn and her former manager Stretch.

V-Nasty, who's originally from Oakland and now lives in Las Vegas, could not be reached for comment.

Magneto Dayo; Credit: Hasz Heat

Magneto Dayo; Credit: Hasz Heat

It's hard to know who to believe here; to some, Dayo may seem to be attempting to make his name on V-Nasty's coattails — in the most threatening and crass way possible — particularly now that she's signed a record deal of her own. But to Dayo, her treatment of him fits a pattern.

“It's not a coincidence that all these people were down since day one, and now she's like 'fuck everybody,'” he says.

“As soon as Kreayshawn got a little bit of fame, that's when [V-Nasty] started acting funny towards me…Now she signed the deal and she acts like she don't know me.”

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“My main reason for doing it [is because] she always does this whenever she gets a little bit of success. She turns her back on the people that were there for her.”



He is clearly chagrined that she denies knowing him, and says he aims to “bust her fucking bubble because I got the ammo.” That said, one suspects he doesn't intend real life violence. (“I would never beef with a female,” he says.) Rather, he claims to have “hardcore evidence” of their relationship, and says he will be releasing it soon.

He adds that though he hasn't tried to contact her recently, he wants her to hear the song. “I still got her number, but I'm not gonna play myself and call her. I let the music speak.”

Still, he doesn't rule out an eventual reconciliation. “I don't hold grudges to the grave. When you know a person, you kind of expect what this person's gonna do. She's got a good heart inside, but she's also got that snake shit in her. One day she's Mother Teresa, the next day she's Tupac.”

Since our last interview, Dayo has new management, Traphouse Digital.

“My new management told me to first let the song be the statement, a light jab and see where it goes from there,” he says, adding that he also has a problem with rapper Riff Raff, who also gets dissed on “OJ Simpson,” though Dayo declines to get into specifics.

“He's a little bitch too. He did some little gossip girly shit. It's not music related. He was running his mouth about shit he don't know nothing about. I don't fuck with him either.”

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