Editor's Note: Rapper V-Nasty has now spent two controversial years in the spotlight. She's an exhilarating personality who can bring it live if not necessarily on record. She gave her first ever interview to us in late 2011, and spoke on her use of the n-word, which still dogs her.

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Formerly aligned with Kreayshawn's White Girl Mob crew, she's now split with them, but has re-emerged with a deal from Las Vegas-based independent upstart Pinnacle Records. (Their press release says she's gotten a “$750,000” deal and is working with Ryan Seacrest. Her new video “Fuck Your Face,” is below.) Chaz Kangas spoke to her about this, her newfound sobriety, parting ways with Kreayshawn, and why her “ex-boyfriend” is a liar.

How did you hook-up with Pinnacle Records?

I knew somebody who was a part of the label and they really believed in me. That was the biggest step in terms of working with someone you want to work with for the long run. Knowing they'll believe in everything you do and put work behind it gives me more motivation also. I'd turned a couple of deals down, but I felt this was the best option for me right now. I'm dropping this EP in the first half of May, and finishing working on this album.

They say it's worth $750,000. What type of deal is it?

It's an independent deal. I don't really know how to explain it, it's independent as far as working with each other. It's for three years of music and shit, but I'm ready to just keep going with them. Of course, we're gonna get more artists and shit. It's big. It's not no regular Warner Bros., but I feel I'm in a better position. More freedom.

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What does working with Ryan Seacrest entail?

We got some shit in the works. There's some shit that's supposed to pop off, but I don't want to talk about it much right now. It's definitely big this year though.

Is it for television?

It's for a series, a reality show.

All these developments are happening at a good time for you, as you're now fully sober. What made you finally decide to get clean?

I've been on probation for damn near three years. I was just trying to get my life straight any way I could. I felt I was good being “not sober,” I was smoking but I wasn't doing anything else wrong. I was just working on music but I wasn't in the streets. When I went to see my [Parole Officer] she brought it to my attention that, obviously, I'm not supposed to be doing drugs and she wouldn't go for it. I'm not about to go to jail because I want to smoke a blunt or drink some “purple Sprite,” know what I'm saying? It was just for my P.O., but then I felt better for myself not smoking no more.

You performed sober at SXSW this year. Has that made things different?

Usually I perform sober, I feel the same. I probably have a little more energy and more confidence in myself. When I joined the industry I was still learning everything step-by- step and now I feel more confident. I'm always live as fuck. I do the best I [can] and I love interacting with my fans and seeing all the little girls crying. I'm not really a soft person, but that's my sunshine right there.

What led to the falling out with Kreayshawn's White Girl Mob?

People just have their differences in life. A lot of people grow and feel a lot of different ways about certain situations. Sometime you just got to separate yourself from the negative and put yourself into a better position. I'm from the hood, but at the same time, if you're sitting in the streets for 20 years, do you ignore that there's a whole 'nother life you could be living? Let that shit go. Fuck White Girl Mob. What is that? It's just a name at the end of the day. It was a friendship. Motherfuckers just grow apart. Fuck all that other shit, I am the mob.

Was there any particular moment you realized you had to get away from them?

It wasn't them, per se, I still talk to [crew member Lil] Debbie and we've let bygones be bygones and we see eye-to-eye. I'm the type of person who's very loyal. I got Debbie's back, I don't speak bad on nobody. I just don't fuck with Kreayshawn like that. We ain't cool. I don't see myself kicking it with her and being real. Motherfuckers grow apart. Motherfuckers don't be friends for the rest of their lives.

So no hope for a reunion with Kreayshawn?

Man, there's nothing. I don't believe so. Not right now at least. I can't deal working with somebody that's not here for me. If you don't fuck with me, it's like fucking with a wall.

Looking back at your controversial career thus far, is there anything you regret?

There is nothing in my life I regret at all. Everything I've been through is a lesson taught to me and has made me a stronger person. I know what the ruckus was for, but at the same time, a lot of motherfuckers don't know me. It was really hard for me to keep getting judged and at the same time not taken serious. I had to tell myself I don't have to prove myself to nobody. I feel a lot of people don't understand, it weighs a motherfucker down to be cut down. At the end of the day, you know who I am and got my name in your mouth. I'm gonna use my time in the studio to try to get a hit on the radio.

Your latest video “Fuck Your Face” aimed, as you've mentioned, to recreate the feeling of being high. Will your sobriety affect the content of your music?

No, I was sober when I made that song and shot the video. Even though I'm sober, I still have fans who get high. I'm not saying it's OK, I'm just saying it happens in life. I wanted to make a song that could make people feel high.

Do you still speak to Gucci Mane?

I spoke to Gucci Mane a while back, partying in Las Vegas. We communicate and I fuck with his manager and Zaytoven.

How about your other recent collaborator [and alleged ex-boyfriend], Magneto Dayo?

Actually, I saw what you guys had put up, and that was some weird ass shit. I don't like that shit. What happened was Stretch, my old manager, had got me in contact with somebody to do a feature for some money. I did the song, I sent it over, and now it's this weird ass shit. It's just a song. I don't really know who that guy is, really.

So, his entire story is not real?

Yeah, I've never met him or anything. I just did a song with him through emails and shit

like that. That was just weird to me. I was very disappointed in that shit. I will kick his


See also: V-Nasty on Jail, Being Pregnant At 15, and Why Oakland Is Not Where It's At

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