Use CBD For Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

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Chemotherapy, as a first-line cancer treatment, saves the lives of innumerable people who might otherwise perish from their conditions. At the very same time, because of its deadly and wide-ranging side effects, this is one of medicine’s most feared therapies. Despite significant advances in chemotherapeutic regimens, many still find chemotherapy to be extremely difficult to tolerate.

Whether or not a patient receives a significant therapeutic benefit, almost all chemotherapy patients have adverse effects. Hair loss, nausea, chills, neuropathic pain, vomiting, exhaustion, and other side effects vary slightly based on the chemotherapeutic drug.

Managing The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

Patients would benefit immensely from a well-tolerated supplementary therapy, which would make patients calmer and more comfortable and aid in their recovery owing to the disrupting and even deadly character of chemotherapy. This medication would be ideal if it could be given right after a chemotherapy dose without compromising the therapeutic effects, as well as being effective for large use by those who suffer from long-term side effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be that therapy, according to a large body of research. Patients may finally get accessibility to the chemotherapy adjuvant they require if they use CBD after chemotherapy.

CBD For Chemotherapy Side Effects

CBD Reduces Pain

One of the most common and troubling side effects of chemotherapy is neuropathic pain, which affects up to 75 % of cancer patients. Chemotherapy induces systemic cellular damage, which causes the nerve cells to die or become dysfunctional, resulting in pain.

Given the limitations of traditional treatments for nerve pain induced by chemotherapy, many people are turning to CBD to supplement or replace existing pain relievers. CBD, unlike traditional treatments, is recognized for its effectiveness as well as its low side-effect profile. Since CBD can be used alone or in combination with other pain medicines, patients may be able to gain more complete pain relief, reduce the dosage or frequency of other painkillers, or stop using them entirely.

CBD For Hair Loss And Inflammation

Chemotherapy’s systemic inflammation and gastrointestinal problems can cause physical pain while also putting a strain on mental health. Chemotherapy causes hair loss in 65 percent of patients, making it one of the most classic symptoms. CBD may be the only treatment that has been proven to aid individuals in regaining their hair at this time.

However, faster hair renewal does not happen by itself. In healthy subjects, CBD has little effect on hair growth on its own. Instead, CBD can assist patients to recover from post-chemotherapy inflammation, which could explain its analgesic characteristics as well as its capacity to help surface tissues like the scalp resume normal function.

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