See our “blow-by-blow” analysis of what we think really happened on that rooftop here.

Ah, springtime. Birds, bees, and sex on the roof at USC. Wouldn't be so bad if it didn't appear to involve a member of the same SC fraternity, Kappa Sigma, that was recently dinged for sending out an immaturely misogynistic email.

Well, lightening struck twice as the frat's leadership this week had to suspend one particular, er, member after photos (NSFW) that spread across campus virally depicted him getting the lollipop treatment on the rooftop of the campus' Waite Phillips Hall.

Perfectly natural for kids, but these days a camera and the internet can make a coming-of-age moment into a national incident.

Already the men's and women's Greek councils on campus have had to call special meetings to discuss the incident.

Kappa Sigma can't possibly top this.; Credit:

Kappa Sigma can't possibly top this.; Credit:

Kappa Sigma campus president Zach Timm told the USC Daily Trojan:

While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any other such actions. The member in question has been suspended from Kappa Sigma for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman until a more detailed investigation can be conducted.

Eh, really Timm? The actions that were taken are pretty much the sole reason fraternities even exist in 2011, besides keeping diversity at bay.

Sex on the roof at USC, apparently.

Sex on the roof at USC, apparently.

The only thing unbecoming about this whole incident is that anyone is surprised.

Leave to the Trojans to try to top the Asians in the Library scandal at UCLA. SC brings you Naked Students on the Roof.

We gotta give this one to the Trojans.

Update: Denzil J. Suite., USC's associate vice president for student affairs, tells the Weekly he can't say if disciplinary action is pending because that would be a private matter. But he did say this:

Only one of the individuals on the roof was a student at USC. Unauthorized access to rooftops is a violation of university policies and we will be following up …

What is depicted in the photos is a violation of our code of conduct and of our most basic community standards. To say that we are disappointed in this type of behavior does not begin to capture the seriousness with which we regard this type of activity.

So, if you're that dude, should you be worried? Probably. Hope it was worth it. Like, shag-of-a-lifetime worth it.

First posted at 11:15 p.m. Monday, March 28.

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