Those dueling visits by presidents Obama and Clinton we told you about have turned into another classic bout between archrivals USC and UCLA, and we have to ask: Which school is getting the better speaker?

Obama is heading to USC next Friday (Oct. 22) to speak to students at 1:30 p.m. at McCarthy Quad near the Doheny Library. The main goal of his trip: Raise money and get headlines for Sen. Barbara Boxer's November defense of her seat.

In the other corner, we have the UCLA Bruins:

President Bill Clinton heads to UCLA Friday (that's today) for a sunset rally at Dickson Court North for Attorney General Jerry Brown, who's running for governor, and Gavin Newsom, who's running for lieutenant governor.

So who's getting the better speaker, the Trojans or the blue-and-gold? Discuss:

-The plus side for Obama: He's the sitting POTUS, the most-powerful man in the world, and a rare president who makes the ladies swoon.

-The negative side for Obama: Last time he was in town the Secret Service shut down half the Westside, making enemies of those former supporters with Obama/Biden stickers on their Priuses.

-The plus side for Clinton: He was “the first black president!” … Until Obama came along. He is charismatic, he presided over the country's longest, most prosperous economic stretch in history, and he also made the ladies swoon.

-The negative side for Clinton: He took advantage of at least one swooning lady.

Now vote with your comments, kids.

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