Updated: It seems as if this Craigslist ad for more kitchen staff wanted at FarmShop in the Brentwood Country Mart could do with some further clarification. Jokes about coups d'état aside (and that was meant to be funny, by the way, and no reflection of anything other than our sometimes perverse alt weekly sense of humor), the ad was, we are told, placed specifically in preparation for FarmShop's upcoming opening for dinner service. No confirmed date yet for that. Additional staffing is also needed for FarmShop's artisan market.

All this takes a lot of planning, of course, and a lot of people. We have also been informed that the current kitchen team is doing very well, thank you, and during the past half a year has only seen the change of one staff member. We stand corrected, chastised and well, elaborated. Sorry for any confusion, and hey, we still love those French fries.

The original post, published May 19th, after the jump…

We don't know if somebody at FarmShop averted a putch or got really pissed or what, but here's the Craigslist ad for positions currently wanted at Jeff Cerciello's restaurant at the Brentwood Country Mart. Sous chef, line cooks, prep cooks. Like pretty much everybody in the kitchen.

Jeff Cerciello's (former culinary director for the Thomas Keller restaurant Group) restaurant Farmshop in Brentwood, is looking for qualified applicants to fill ALL kitchen positions, including sous chef, as well as line & prep cooks. Requirements are as follows:

If you get the job, you can tell us all about it. Or maybe not, in the best interests of workplace harmony.

Do you own or manage a restaurant or other food-related business and have a job listing? Email us the details and we'll post it on the blog. We may not be Craigslist, but if you're a Republican Congressman with a racy picture, feel free to send that along too.

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