Update: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Truck (@FoodRevTruck), which debuted yesterday at the TED conference in Long Beach, is not your average food truck. It looks a bit more like an 18-wheeler crossed with a Che Guevara T-shirt shop. The big rig is described as a “mobile interactive kitchen,” with room to teach a class of 40 kids, plasma television screens, and an inflatable stage. Yes, an inflatable stage, which seems only fitting. Watch here as the chef gives the BBC's Peter Bowes a guided tour. Oliver also announced a new website (jamiesfoodrevolution.com) and a 20-year plan to fight obesity around the world.

The original post, published March 1st:

To judge by his new Twitter feed, Jamie Oliver's promised Food Revolution Truck is finally launching. Although what that means exactly for Oliver's Los Angeles Food Revolution is unclear. Filming for the British chef's ABC show wrapped a few weeks ago. Despite much public maneuvering, Oliver finished filming without ever resolving his stand-off with the LAUSD. Maybe he can get some of those schoolkids to intern on his truck. Talking to teenagers while stuck in traffic being a time-honored Los Angeles tradition.

Credit: screenshot of the Food Revolution Truck's Twitter page

Credit: screenshot of the Food Revolution Truck's Twitter page

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