Back in January, we attempted to announce that our favorite highly dangerous synth-punk duo Tearist had signed to L.A. indie label Manimal Vinyl, and we were wrong.

UPDATED: Wrong again! So says singer Yasmine Kittles after the jump.

But not this time. No siree. We've done our research and revealed the half-truth: There were plans for a Manimal EP, possibly called This is a Tax, and now it seems that EP may be coming out on Dean Spunt's PPM label, while has evolved into a full-length album and a proper record deal is due on Manimal.

The as-yet untitled LP/CD/DL from freaky front-woman Yasmine Kittles and Will Mechaca (formerly of Silver Dagger) isn't due out until spring or summer of 2011. Bummer, right?

But you can hear (and download) a song from the record now.

DOWNLOAD: Tearist – “Headless” [MP3]

You can also check out the duo on Manimal's charitable David Bowie tribute compilation, We Were So Turned On, alongside such notables as Duran Duran, Carla Bruni, Devendra Banhart, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

Now, a note from Kittles, who reached out in response to this article:

“I felt that it was important to clarify on our behalf that we have NOT signed to Manimal. We are in the process of finalizing plans to release a full length on Manimal, but we are not signing to the label. Our plans for the full length are very exciting (specifically- who we will be working with!… tell you soon!). Until then we will be releasing an EP on PPM as well as releasing a limited edition live album! There is a lot happening, and we are really excited. Thanks for keeping tabs on us! That's the fucking best!”

Thanks for keeping tabs on us, Yaz.

As for the album, the announcement promises “deep hard beats, and synth drones in the vein as classic noise pioneers Suicide or Einsturzende Neubauten.” We suspect We Are the World musical mastermind Robbie Williamson will be the boards, as he was originally slated to produce the EP.

From January, here's a little history:

Manimal founder Paul Beahan on being turned on to Tearist: “Robbie actually called me one day and insisted that I see them play. He is one of the toughest and most honest music critics I have ever met. He seldom gets excited about L.A. bands, and when he raved about them, I knew I was in for something special.”

Beahan credited the duo's searing performance at The Echo back in December, as part of Manimal's month-long residency at the East Side venue, with sealing the deal, not to mention their “brain-melting” demos … Of course, those haven't yet felt the touch of Williamson, who also composes for film and TV.

Says Beahan: “I feel that between Robbie, Yasmine [Kittles] and Will [Menchaca], they will come up with some huge sounds [accompanied by] sparser elements.”

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