It seems like Chipotle has finally figured out how to get some of us to walk through its doors. No, not by dreaming up a well-placed ad campaign. Not by being in seemingly every mall in America. Not even by serving natural meats and reducing sodium and supporting local farms.

Update: Thanks to ZagatBuzz, which has installed a new Guest Blog column and given the inaugural post to Nate Appleman. Appleman has chosen to blog, perhaps unsurprisingly, on his move to burritoland. To quote the chef:

“I'm not sure what this job or the future will hold, but this is one of the most exciting things I have ever been apart of (and, no, Chipotle is not owned by McDonald's)… With this new job, I'm a part of an organization that can truly make a difference by serving food with integrity to millions of people, as well as supporting numerous farmers and ranchers that are growing vegetables and raising animals the right way. I'm involved in all of that, right down to being part of the 25,000 Chipotle employees that work their asses off to help change food culture as we know it. The bottom line is, I've always been a big thinker and a doer at heart, but, damn, you can't argue that this really is the essence of making a difference. Now, finally, I can speak about making a difference with the same reverence and righteousness.

The original post, published December 13th…

No, some of us may actually start eating Chipotle burritos instead of those made by our favorite taco truck because the chain has hired none other than Nate Appleman (A16, SPQR, Pulino's) to cook them.

The 2009 James Beard Foundation Award Rising Star Chef winner, former The Next Iron Chef contestant, and author of the marvelous A16: Food + Wine cookbook, who left Pulino's recently, retweeted this tweet, which pretty much says it all: “ChipotleMedia 'I make burritos,' @nappleman says. And we're glad to have him”

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