Update: 11/17, 8:30 a.m. Easy As Pie app is now available. You can download it here in the iTunes store. The original piece, published 11/16, is below.

Evan Kleiman takes her love of pies to a new level with Easy As Pie, an iPhone and iPad application that debuts tomorrow. We took a quick test drive of the app (without actually baking the recipes), which costs $4.99. It's easy to use, visually appealing and made us hungry for a sour cream plum pie.

Divided into categories like Crusts, Toppings, Specialty Pies, Pudding Pies and Evan's Favorites, the app includes downloadable and shareable ingredient lists, recipes for 18 pies, 4 crusts and 4 toppings, and videos that show the pies being made in real time — with all the challenges and imperfections that can occur.

Evan Kleiman sifts flour in one of the videos from her new app.; Credit: Easy As Pie

Evan Kleiman sifts flour in one of the videos from her new app.; Credit: Easy As Pie

The chef, restaurateur and Good Food host, who spent months developing the app with Clear-Media, tells us, “When it comes to pie, perfection is the enemy of achieving mastery. Perfection is too intimidating. I'm not a perfectionist and yet I make delicious pies.”

Easy As Pie features several videos that are easy to follow for even the most novice baker while allowing more advanced cooks to scroll through the steps and get to the advice section. Pay special attention to Kleiman's tips on crusts. The crust is the foundation upon which every great pie is built.

Recipes range from a classics like winter berry and high hat apple to savory pies like cherry tomato topped with a cheddar garlic crumble to stunners like chocolate peanut butter brittle, which Kleiman says “has the biggest bang for your buck in terms of how simple it is and what the delicious result is.”

Easy As Pie may still have a few bugs, Kleiman warns, but for pie lovers, it looks like sweet success.

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