UPDATE: Daedelus has been confirmed as one of tonight's special guests. The other, we hear, is a direct Brainfeeder associate. Read more below.

West Coast Sound has been a vocal supporter and loyal patron of Calling All Kids nearly since its inception in January of 2009.

Which is why it saddens us to learn that the free, weekly Friday-night club at Silver Lake's Hyperion Tavern is coming to an end.

It seems like we were only just celebrating CAK's one-year anniversary, or helping event founder Matthewdavid track down his stolen tapes (he got 'em back, btw).

There are two distinct silver linings here, however.

First, promoters/DJs/amateur bartenders Sodapop (Shaun Koplow) and Matthewdavid are not retiring the name. In fact, they'll probably adopt it as their own, and apply it to future projects yet unannounced.

Second, Calling All Kids at Hyperion Tavern is going out with a bang. “Special secret guests” from the Dublab and Brainfeeder camps have been promised — “special secret” enough that their name(s) can't appear on the bill due to legal booking issues (or so we're told).

Dublab founder Frosty is already confirmed, as is DJ Turquoise Wisdom. As for others? For the uninitiated, Brainfeeder is the label run by Flying Lotus, who's guest-DJed at CAK in the past. Could it be FlyLo himself? The Gaslamp Killer? Daddy Kev, Take, or Nocando?

All of the above? The fun starts at 9 p.m. Come on down to send the night off in style.

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