Unlocking the Secrets of Scar Care: Motivo Scar Care’s Innovative Approach

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Scars are disturbing marks on different parts of the body resulting from various conditions like acne, burns, surgeries, and traumatic injuries. While they are seemingly harmless, scars impact the lives of millions every year, affecting their self-confidence and self-esteem. It not only causes physical discomfort but can also take a toll on a person’s psychological well-being. Thankfully, the health industry has evolved to introduce several methods of reduction, prevention, and treatment of scars. One particular name has earned the spotlight as a true game-changer: Motivo Scar Care.

Motivo Scar Care is a brand revolutionizing scar treatment and scar care with innovative products and procedures. Within a short time after its foundation, Motivo Scar Care has made waves in the health and beauty industry. A company founded by three visionary entrepreneurs – Jadis Montijo, Becky Hayter, and Dr. Jonathan Keith, a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery –  Motivo Scar Care has profoundly impacted countless lives through its proven and transformative approach to scar treatment.

It all started when Jadis Montijo met Dr. Jonathan Keith in 2018 over a surgical consultation. As someone struggling to treat his own scars, Jadis already knew how badly this space needed a revival. After his initial procedure by Dr. Keith, finding the right scar tape to aid the healing process became a challenge. This is because Jadis has an active lifestyle where common products available in the market failed to meet his needs. This further strengthened his resolve to close the gap in this field and find a solution that works for all.

Soon, Jadis approached Dr. Keith, sharing his vision to create unparalleled and practical products for scar care that would meet the demands of diverse lifestyles with a particular focus on the trans tribe community.

Jadis always nurtured a problem-solving attitude, making him fearless to face any challenge. He says, “If there isn’t a problem to solve, then that’s a problem.” Inspired by his personal experiences with scar treatment, he went on to innovate and develop better products that work for people from all walks of life. This led to the foundation of Motivo Scar Care.

Dr. Jonathan Keith, who is also an esteemed provider at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery (ECAPS), enriched the vision of Motivo Scar Care with his skill and expertise. Collaborating with Jadis, Dr. Keith helped Motivo Scar Care provide all-encompassing treatment for scars to people with varied needs, bringing more inclusivity to this space.

Motivo Scar Care is consistently working to enhance its approach because the team believes business is about constant improvement to make things better. This has yielded exceptional results, setting Motivo Scar Care apart from other treatments in this space. From infusing unique and effective ingredients into its products to carefully crafting every formula to maximize results, Motivo Scar Care is leveraging the power of science and nature to deliver excellence. The brand ensures that each product is suitable for varied skin types and tones, making their approach more personalized.  Motivo Scar Care also emphasizes long-term scar care, which is the first step to achieving optimal results. More than just a brand, it is a movement guiding people throughout their healing journey.

Motivo Scar Care is celebrating diversity and inclusivity while pushing conventional boundaries of scar treatment. The brand stands as a ray of hope for people seeking a more inclusive and advanced approach to scar care. With the passionate leadership of Jadis Montijo and the medical expertise of Dr. Jonathan Keith, they will continue to redefine scar treatments for varied skin types and tones, unveiling more secrets to scar care. With this approach, Motivo Scar Care looks forward to a future where people will no longer lose their self-esteem because of a scar and will embrace their true selves.

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