A series of loud, explosive-like booms shook through multiple cities in the San Gabriel Valley, Monday, leaving residents wanting answers.

The consecutive booming sounds were heard from at least Alhambra, to Pomona nearly 20 miles away, at approximately 10:25 p.m.

Residents of those areas took to Twitter and community apps such as the Neighborhood app, asking if others heard the thunderous blasts.

At least hundreds affirmed what they heard, with some posting videos from their Ring security cameras, which showed the unusual bangs, followed by a flashing light that illuminated the nearby streets and homes.

“It sounded up by the mountains,” one member of the neighborhood app replied, referring to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

After the booming sounds concluded, a white cloud that looked like a condensation trail was seen in the direction of the foothills, with a trailing tail that appeared to be going westward.

The Los Angeles County Fire Dept. told L.A. Weekly that it had not received any calls for explosions in the area. Similarly, the San Gabriel Fire Dept. did not receive calls for possible explosions, adding that the local cities had not scheduled any community events since Sunday’s Lunar New Year festival in Alhambra, which did not feature fireworks or pyrotechnics.

Similar booms were heard by residents on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at approximately 11:30 p.m.

“Something fishy is going on in Baldwin Park,” Twitter user @geoscored said Monday. “A couple days ago 2 explosions and tonight another 3 explosions.”

The cause of the bursts and lights remains unknown. L.A. Weekly’s attempts to reach L.A. County Sup. Hilda Solis, who represents the district affected, have gone unreturned.











































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