This morning the mad meat scientists over at Umami Burger announced their most Frankenstein creation yet: a gourmet “Pink Slime” burger that will debut at the Taste of the Nation Los Angeles on June 10. In fact, this particular specimen above was whipped up in Umami founder Adam Fleischman's home kitchen. Yup, that's right. You crazy for this one, homie.

The good news is that the patty isn't made with actual “pink slime,” that ammonia-treated meat scrap product everyone got themselves into a tizzy about a few months ago, but rather Umami's regular, partially sous-vide ground steak patty topped with a healthy schmear of chicken liver mousse and then finished with a layer of Umami “spray jelly.” It's unknown whether the spray jelly can also be utilized as a personal lubricant, but you'll be able to find out when the product hits the shelves at the Umami shop online.

The sweet-and-savory combination of liver and fruit preserves seems to be working for Umamicatessen so far — the foie gras and jelly doughnut transitioned from stunt order to something people actually crave — so why wouldn't it work when transposed onto another classic American staple? It's hard to know for sure if eventgoers will be down with this ugly-duckling burger (maybe if they close their eyes), but Umami has mentioned that if the item is popular it may make its way to the actual restaurant menu.

It's unclear whether this is some kind of bold, ironic statement on modern meat practices or just an attempt to make some weird and tasty food, but between this announcement and the recent pledge by McDonald's to start using “locally sourced” products, we are beginning to wonder if we've slipped into some kind of bizarro universe.

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