Surely, by now, you've heard of the “college meme” trend that has America's university kids trying their hand at campus-specific Internet humor — and OG 4chan nerds crying a “forever alone” river about how everyone is butchering their meme babies. (Even more annoying than the former.)

Of course, USC and UCLA, deep in the thick of it, are using the memes not only to make fun of themselves but — almost just as frequently — of each other. Because no good procrastinator misses a chance to fan the rivalry! And hey, it's better than stabbing bros in the Rose Bowl parking lot.

First we have the USC –> UCLA entries, which focus mostly on how much more prestigious USC is and how much worse UCLA is at football. (Age-old stuff, really.) Courtesy of the USC Memes Facebook page:

UCLA fights back, next.

L.A.'s most prestigious public university is a bit more subtle on its side of the flamewar, even getting so meta as to criticize stereotypical USC critiques of UCLA. (Brain freeze.) But there are also the classic jabs at the private university's ghetto campus, slutty chicks and douchey bros. Courtesy of the UCLA Memes Facebook page:

So tell us: Who won? Or if you think they both suck, can you do better? (Please?)

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