Yet another reason to attend UCLA. There's the education, the Bruins, and now an imprimatur from peta2, which just crowned the school the Most Vegan-Friendly College in America.

UCLA defeated 31 other schools from across the country in the large-school category in what peta2, the youth version of the animal rights organization, describes as a March Madness-style bracketed competition. As peta2 director Dan Shannon put it, “More and more young people are learning that the best thing that they can do for animals, the planet, and themselves is to go vegan.” Maybe PETA should commission a study on whether going vegan can help your jump shot.

The large-school runner-up was New York University. Chicago's Northwestern University took top honors among smaller schools, and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, came out on top among Canadian universities. Go tell any vegan high school seniors in the house.

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