UCLA often spins itself as the smarter, higher-GPA-having school in town, but by the looks of its Bruin bear sculpture, you'd have to chalk one up for the wit and fortitude of USC: Despite an annual student “security force” that's supposed to protect the bear and despite a tarp covering the bronze, somebody or bodies covered the Bruin in Trojan red and gold.

The poor bear was treated like a porn star — without the payday. The prank, which apparently happened between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. Wednesday, according to a UCLA spokesman, is being treated as a crime. A crime! The hooligans cut a protective tarp loose in order to splash the beloved bear with their paint.

The Jackson Pollock-like artistic remix of this Westwood landmark caught UCLA students asleep: Since Monday they were supposed to be keeping vigil around the bear as part of a revived “Bruin Bear Security Force” tradition during “rivalry week.”

Did we tell you there's a little football game scheduled for Saturday? For the first time in recent memory, UCLA actually has a fighting chance at beating the NFL-like Trojans. But if the prank is any indication, it could be a red-letter day.

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