After seven brief seasons of existence, UCLA's Undie Run, a nocturnal event in

which students run through Westwood streets and onto campus in their underwear on Wednesdays of finals weeks, will

be no more. Thank university administrators, who pulled the plug on the

storied event a few days ago, probably because they couldn't figure a

way to make money off it.

A story in the school's Daily Bruin reports

that “Administrators have threatened to cancel the ritual for years now

because of an increased number of accidents and vandalism. Tuesday

night, Undergraduate Students Association Council members were notified

of its termination.”

Campus officials cited the three-headed

monster often invoked to shut down fun in California: concerns

for safety, security and, of course “liability.” The run, whose

route has changed several times, has drawn up to 10,000 spectators —

many of them unaffiliated with UCLA. The specter of all those

non-students and non-alumni is another thing that alarms UCLA

administrators, who apparently have never heard of football games.


the campus in summer vacation mode, it's too soon to know if students

will seek another, off-campus venue for the wildly popular event, or

perhaps submit to a campus-sanctioned “safe and sane” version of the

run — possibly one in which a handful of students who have paid top dollar for

the honor get to calmly walk in their skivvies from Bruin Plaza

to Royce Quad and back. One thing they're unlikely to do is replace it

with a streaking run.

LA Weekly