West Coast Sound has received numerous emails and complaints about a massive ticket scam allegedly perpetrated on Craigslist by one stevetixxx@gmail.com prior to Sunday night's U2 show at the Rose Bowl. This information is thus far unsubstantiated, but we're looking into it. Most vocal is this comment left beneath our U2 review:

Yesterday I contacted the LAPD Fraud Dept. and they couldn't care less. The guy just kept saying, “Ummm…uhhh… I'd have to maybe… I'm not sure who's jurisdiction that would fall under. Do you do this on Craigslist. You shouldn't buy from Craigslist.” Uhhhg.

I hung up and called the FBI. I gave them all of “Steve”'s info … but then they said I should then contact the Internet Fraud division.

I've also sent the info to every major news station in the city… but have heard nothing as of yet.

From what I've been hearing in regard to others having the same problem, it is shaping up to be about 1,000 fans who got jipped. The Feds need to step up and nab this guy.

TV station KTLA did a small report on the alleged scam:

Several fans got duped when they apparently purchased tickets on Craigslist.com. The fans found out their tickets were fake when they showed up at the gate and couldn't get in. The tickets reportedly all had the same non-consecutive number on them.

Were you duped on Craigslist by someone named stevetixxx? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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