LA Taco's Taco Madness 2012, an annual NCAA-style tournament to determine who reigns taco supreme in Los Angeles, concluded last night, and madness it was. The exciting finale between Mariscos Jalisco and Guisados was so close that it required multiple recounts and caused a temporary bit of confusion. That's right, just like Bush v. Gore.

The entire showdown, actually, was quite a thriller. Hundreds of devoted fans of Mariscos Jalisco's fried shrimp tacos and Guisados's braised and stewed meat-filled creations logged their choice on LA Taco's website throughout the day. There were so many people voting, in fact, that the two often were separated by less than a dozen votes and swapped the lead position multiple times. When the polls closed at 7 p.m., all votes — more than 1,400 of them — were counted. Incredibly, the final score was 743-743. A dead heat.

While some votes were logged after the 7 p.m. deadline, LA Taco only counted those that came in before 7. At that time, as LA Taco explained via tweet, each side had exactly 743 votes. After a few recounts (“This is like florida in 2000!!!!” they tweeted, which prompts one to wonder what hanging taco chads would look like), LA Taco confirmed the tallies and officially declared the contest it a tie.

As this was an unprecedented event, a few options were batted about, including one to go into overtime. Mariscos Jalisco and Guisados, however, graciously agreed to stop the tete-a-tete and simply share the crown. This game ending in two thrones surely was improbable, but impossible? In a town full of fantastic tacos, it was anything but.

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