Taco shops are supposed to be peaceful territory — you know, of love and mystery meat. So these two SoCal/YouTube blowouts, in which 1) Eastvale hooligans wreak havoc on Tacos del Rio and 2) Hillcrest trannies cat-fight over whose body is better at La Fuente, are unsettling, to say the least. But also hilarious. That's why we're watching them, over and over, until we commit to memory such sub-hilarities as the small dog thrown to the sidewalk and the ebony wig thrown to the adobe tile.

But is this becoming a dangerous trend? Something in the carnitas, perhaps? Judge for yourself:

If you haven't seen this “girl” fight yet, uploaded March 2, you're living under a rock, honey. From what we can discern through the sequin glare, a group of trannies kicked a rival tranny to the floor, railed on her until friends helped her up — then got the wigs batted off them until they were too tired to fight back.

Somehow, most tranny heels remained on tranny feet, and everyone seemed to come out OK, if disheveled and extra slutty. Which could be a perk — who knows.

And here's the repeat offense, uploaded March 7, complete with sound effects:

This one actually made the evening news. Could be something about the epic group slide, strategic use of taco-shop table in pinning opponent to taco-shop service counter and the moment (0:45) that guy with the shin socks tries to get up from the linoleum. To watch the version with the little dog, click here. And Eater has a few remixes, if you haven't had enough taco-shop violence for one afternoon.

One fight would be funny, but two in one week? This is fishier than the sardine pile in Redondo Beach. Any theories?


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