Two Republican National Committee officials were fired over the weekend for their part in approving a nearly $2,000 outing at West Hollywood club Voyeur, known for its edgy, sexual theme.

The heads of RNC finance director Rob Bickhart and his deputy, Debbie LeHardy, were served up on a platter by the man most embattled by the episode, RNC chairman Michael Steele, according to Politico. The pair had approved reimbursement for the club-going, which happened while Republican big-wigs were in town for a Beverly Hills dinner party.

That Beverly Hills event in February was for the under-45 GOP club known as the Young Eagles, and Steele took part, traveling via private jet ($17,000), riding in limos ($13,000) and staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel ($9,099) and the Four Seasons ($6,596).

Some have called for Steele's own head, but so far he's served up underlings in hopes of satisfying the gods of fiscal conservatism. The first person to be cut was the leader of the Young Eagles, Allison Meyers.

Fox News and other outlets painted Voyeur as a bondage or topless club, but those observations were inaccurate. It's a run-of-the-mill, TMZ-stalked celebrity venue that uses bondage-like sexual imagery for its marketing.

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