Ah, the Twitterati… What an interesting collection of people with varied interests. How varied, you ask? Well, today everyone's talking about one of the hottest Twitter trending topics for this week, which saw both Rihanna and Chris Brown give dueling interviews about their little altercation last February on (as the police report states) “an unknown street in Los Angeles.”

So, what are the Tweeterers twitting about? The harrowing ordeal of a battered girlfriend? Their upcoming albums? Chris Brown's still-unearned cockiness? Rihanna's unquestionable beauty?

No. As West Coast Sound informant 'Cado points out, what the twits (can we just cut to the chase and embrace the term?) are tweet-twatting about is


Yes, apparently every time Rihanna appears on television, there's a flurry of Twitter activity related to the apparently remarkable size of the distance between the singer's eyebrows and her hairline.

Oh, c'mon people. She's gorgeous! Don't you have anything better to tweet and retweet about? Like this blogpost, which is about Twitter Trending Topics and not at all about RIHANNA'S FOREHEAD? (Feel free. Button is above. Thank you.)

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