We know you come to WCS for the best in Los Angeles music. Therefore anything pertaining to “Los Angeles” and “music” cannot be alien to us. But what if we wanted to bring attention to the underreported news that IMDB, a film website, has been streaming for FREE the entire run of Twin Peaks (minus the pilot episode), a cult TV show set in Washington State? Wouldn't that be outside of our purview, you'd say?

Well, as it happens, we can still report this because Twin Peaks was co-created by Los Angeles musician David Lynch, a local eccentric who also dabbles in painting, filmmaking, weather reporting, transcendentally meditating, foundation running, and Billy Corgan endorsing. Like the Little Man said “!ria eht ni cisum syawla s'erehT”

So there. Enjoy your free Twin Peaks!

(thanks to kbonami for the tip)

(Video for David Lynch's latest single, after the jump.)

David Lynch, “Ghost of Love”

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