Coachella has finally come to an end and thankfully, the universe of social media can now return to normalcy. No more tweets about parking or sunburns, or pics of Jay-Z and Sly Stone. But like no other Coachella before, audience members succeeded in disseminating the important info from the festival to the masses. Like, the really important stuff. We learned about that time milabeg saved her debit card from the port-o-potty, and RogueCheddar's incontinence problem. Caitlinsgood coined the phrase HOV-Chella, and TheAnthology nearly got vommed on. And poor sadjew won't be able be within 100 feet of a playground ever again.

Twitter is essentially a stock market of ideas, it's conglomeration of thousands of ideas that give a general indication of what the stinking masses are doing or thinking. Or maybe it's an AP feed of fun. Either way, Twitter is entertaining, and somewhere in the avalanche of half-completed ideas, drunken texts, and shameless bragging, a clearer picture of Coachella 2010 comes into focus.

We collect the highs and lows of Coachella after the jump.

Credit: @butr

Credit: @butr

TheAnthology Phoenix put on such a good show it didn't even matter that a guy vomitted right beside me. #Coachella

Shuurei Morning, world. It's nice to take a shower again and use my own bathroom. The joy of flushing! #coachella #iguess?

sadjew sad that im a registered sex offender now. all i did was show my peen to the crowd @mattandkim. wish i knew b4 that #coachella was 75% <18

hbdinwid Great thing about Coachella is that at least 2% of population has done porn. #iloveLA

Madonna? No it's Dita.; Credit: xalmer

Madonna? No it's Dita.; Credit: xalmer

milabeg almost lost my debit card. nope, it just fell under the port-a-potty. in the dark. retraced my steps. sweeet!! got that shit! #coachella

Caitlinsgood Ho shit! Dis 'bout to turn into HOV-Chella! #coachella

MicheBella Not sure who the BEST artist was at #Coachella this year, but #SlyStone is EASILY the worst.

RogueCheddar Five hours in the car for a two hour drive, hot as shit, still waiting in line, no water, have to pee, #coachella

alibibarone There is a good possibility I smell like an andy gump #coachella

fourfootflood Sly Stone is like watching a drunk muppet…. #coachella #whatthefuck

OCWeeklyMusic Overheard: “fuck sunscreen.” Baaaad idea, bro. #coachella

Marisssa_Marie Who the Fuck is the guy with the monkey head. Lol i love it. #coachella

_max_anderson Two random guys picked up parking cones and started doing wrestling announcements @ #coachella

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