Obviously the Internet is made of cats. Yes, pet surveillance technology has gotten out of hand. Do we really need to know what our dog/cat/ferret/weasel/gerbil did all day while we were out? Probably not. Is it weird that more people are following the tweets of two cats than are following the tweets of certain humans? Kind of.

But it's also kind of awesome.

As of this writing, the cats known as Gus and Penny have 1,166 people following their Twitter feed. Their humans designed a cat door–called The Tweeting Cat Door–that tracks each time the cat exits or enters. Each cat wears a radio tag on its collar. The door has a reader that authorizes the cat, tells a servo mechanism to open the door, and instructs a laptop to tweet each time the door opens.

This is the contraption:

This is the cat in the door:

There is also Mr. Lee's “satellite based GPS tracking device for the cat or spouse.” They also make a CatCam that attaches to your cat's collar. A miniature TV camera sends live images via wireless broadband.

Do you know where your cat is?

Do you know where your cat is?

Users have been uploading the images from their own cat's CatCam feeds. Click here to see the photos.

And now there is this fully streamlined “Pet Eye View Digital Camera,” which retails for $44.99. Set it to take a picture every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. This is good stuff. Keep it coming, crazy pet stalkers. Keep it coming.

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