Okay, this one wins the award for Longest and Most Intriguing or Is That Pretentious Title of a Musical Composition. Ready? Here goes: Music from The Trip (1967) in the style of a Schoenberg/Gershwin tennis match, observed in passing by Dr. Oskar Janiger, for String Quartet, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar and Percussion. Which translates to: More Sass from SASSAS. The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound debuts their second commissioned work by L.A.-based artist/composer Scott Benzel, a musical acid trip that interweaves the modal and chord structures of Schoenberg and Gershwin with music derived from the 1967 Peter Fonda film, The Trip . Porgy and Bess meets Pierrot Lunaire meets Electric Flag? Composed in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the City of West Hollywood, the work “focuses on the avant-garde diaspora in Los Angeles influence on the psychedelic history of the Sunset Strip.” Sound. at the King's Road Park Pavilion : Scott Benzel also includes the composer's Inversions I-IV for string quartet and the first live performance of Movements I and II from Blak Bloc for String Quartet and Feedback, chosen as one of the top 10 recordings of 2009 by Artforum magazine.

Sat., July 24, 5 & 6:45 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly