If you're like us, you'll be enjoying your turkey with some gravy, stuffing and maybe a side of beer on Thursday. But two of our feathered friends are scheduled to spend the day living it up in Pacific Palisades.

That's because animal-rights activist Karen Dawn is embarking once again on an annual rite and rescuing two of the tasty birds, who will be hanging out at her Westside home, enjoying the ocean view.

Dawn says the birds, Monty (33 pounds) and Marsha (20 pounds), are the guests of honor at her “Joyous Vegan Thanksgiving” dinner party, and they won't be allowed near the oven.

She says the turkeys were purchased from a local slaughterhouse for $2.49 a pound. You do the math while we pout. After they give thanks at Dawn's place, they'll live to see many other turkey days at Santa Clarita's Gentle Barn sanctuary.

LA Weekly