After grooving to La Roux's single “Bulletproof” more than a few times, we couldn't help but wonder what makes the synthpop duo's vocalist Elly Jackson hit the dance floor. She got back to LA Weekly with a sizable list of jams, which we've listed below. Check out La Roux Monday night at El Rey Theatre.

Genesis “Follow You, Follow Me”

“Massive tune. A great love song, many would say it's cheesy but I don't think it is!”

Supercharge “I Think I'm Going to Fall in Love”

“A fantastic, 12 minute long disco track.”

Toto “Africa”

“Probably the best song there is with the word Kilimanjaro in it.”

Billy Ocean “Caribbean Queen”

“A poor man's 'Billie Jean' but I love it.”

Orange Juice “Rip It Up”

“TUNE. I love the vocals on this, great bass line too.”

Tears for Fears “Broken”

“Epic guitar riff!”

Rod Stewart “Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?”

“No. Great song though.”

Gerri and the Holograms “Gerri and the Holograms”

“This was a Santogold compilation. It's kind of weird and annoying but, I really like it.”

The Coasters “Get an Ugly Girl to Marry You”

“I think this was on the Mermaids film soundtrack or something, which I had on cassette when I was little. It reminds me of being a kid.”

Gorrilaz “Dare” (DFA Mix)


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