Tune in Tokyo's Second Anniversary Party

Dig Jelly; Credit: Liz Ohanesian" data-rightCaption="Rayko of Dig Jelly; Credit: Liz Ohanesian">Rayko of Dig Jelly; Credit: Liz OhanesianRayko of Dig Jelly; Credit: Liz Ohanesian

Monthly J-pop and J-rock club Tune in Tokyo celebrated its second anniversary Thursday night at Second Street Jazz. Special guests for the event included singer (and former Macross star) Mari Iijima, Dig Jelly, Stephanie Yanez and Do Not Feed the DJ. Read about club founders Greg Hignight and Del Martin in LA Weekly's People Issue. For photos from previous Tune in Tokyo events, check out “Jpop Street Fashion at Tune in Tokyo” and “Back to School Night @ Tune in Tokyo.” All photos by Liz Ohanesian.

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