TSOL and Dwarves Go Old School for New Year: There’s a punk mega-bill at the Regent, as Long Beach veterans TSOL join forces with Chicago punks the Dwarves. That’s a lot of old school punk action. Corrupted Youth and Shock Therapy stack the bill.

In a 2018 feature, Grisham spoke openly about the ’80s hard rock pored for the band. “I didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care,” Grisham said. “The only time I gave a shit is later, when we got back together (with 2001’s Disappear). Because they destroyed that name. They ran the name T.S.O.L. into the fucking ground. The thing that bummed me out was I got blamed for it a lot of times. I’d be out playing with my band The Joykiller, and people would say, ‘Oh, these guys used to be a fucking rock metal band, and now they’re this.’ People still say that about T.S.O.L. But it wasn’t the same band whatsoever. Look at the last T.S.O.L. record that Todd [Barnes, drummer who died in 1999] and Greg [Kuehn] and I were part of, Beneath the Shadows. It was really inventive, and changing and trying shit. It went from that to rehashed old songs, and songs that we would have never, ever have allowed on a T.S.O.L. record in our time.”

No such worries this time. TSOL are back to their best, and the addition of four-mouthed oiks the Dwarves only adds to the delights.

TSOL and Dwarves Go Old School for New Year: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, January 7 at the Regent.

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