Reid Peppard makes accessories out of taxidermy. Like this, uh, guinea pig (?) hair comb. Peppard also makes rat bowties (“black leather bowtie with medium white rat head” and blue Swarovski crystal eyes) and rat medallions and rat coin purses and pigeon wing head pieces. The mouse cufflinks are so subtle they are almost wearable. Almost. Imagine shaking hands with the guy and seeing the little furry heads. And screaming.

What mouse?

What mouse?

The expression on the model says it all.

The expression on the model says it all.

The expression on this model says it all. I have two rats on my head…what?

This is a rat coin purse. It doesn't look like it holds very many coins. I've heard rats eat anything. Do they eat money?

This is called “London Caught Bracelet.” It's sweet, really. Your pet mouse is always by your side.

Yes, headbands are in right now. But when you mix them with pigeon wings, somehow it doesn't quite work.

The rat looks like it's wearing a ballerina tutu. It's also holding a red Swarovski crystal heart.

Hell, this one is almost conservative.

Oh, for god's sakes.

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