We knew when we visited the set that director Jason Goldwatch's video for Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator's “Trouble On My Mind” was gonna be one of the dopest visuals we'd seen in awhile.

As Pusha T told us on set:

I said to Tyler, if I'm gonna do a record with you, if we're gonna shoot a video, we need to be causing chaos. And he was like 'Oh my god! I was thinking the same thing! Aahhh!' So I said, let's just tear up L.A. I want to show people that I can hop in your world and you can hop in my world, and it ain't fucking up nothing. It's gonna be beautiful.

Red Bull just premiered the video, which finds the boys egging strangers, collecting a motley crew down on Skid Row, destroying a hotel room (which was far scarier live than it looks here), and trashing a convenience store. (We really were hoping Tyler would try on Pusha's Balenciagas, but looks like Odd Future pulled another one under.)

Maybe the Beastie Boys stole a tiny bit of their thunder, but hey, there's always room for terrorizing the streets and tearing shit up. WATCH:

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