The monks in the 1964 film Becket wore cloaks creepily similar to ones worn by those cultish characters in Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut. In the scene where Archbishop Becket, played by Richard Burton, excommunicates a priest-murderer, all these cloaked figures carry candles and march to the sanctuary in a line. Miljohn Ruperto re-created this scene for his immaculate video Mirror Symmetry Composition With Black Circle. A perfect black hole is in the center of the screen, and two mirror images of marching, hooding figures move toward it. At one point, the black dot replaces Burton's head and his official archbishop regalia collapse into itself, and it feels like you're looking through a kaleidoscope. Ruperto's video plays at Pepin Moore in Chinatown, as part of the group show “Raze; Revert; Repeat.” 933 Chung King Road; through Dec. 8. (213) 626-0501,

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