We'd like to pretend that this and this happened on a Tuesday, or that we meant for this to, so let's imagine the piece you're reading right now is the fourth in a new West Coast Sound series devoted to exposing the proggier and sludgier sides of our fair city.

Why Tuesday? Consider it a little mid-week hair of the dog to your weekend, ahem, recreational practices. And also because Imaad Wasif has already got Thursday on lock thanks to his Spaceland residency.

L.A. post-rock quintet Red Sparowes is no stranger to WCS. As a trippily inclined band signed to Sargent House, the band can't not put out beautiful vinyl packages the likes of which are featured weekly in our INCHES column.

Well, the Sparowes have just announced the followup to their quite good Aphorisms EP, an album titled The Fear is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer (these duderinos aren't into that whole brevity thing). Thankfully, they do know how to tie a room together, if that “room” is a new album, and the “tie” is psychotropic video collage.

Check out the woozy Red Sparowes LP trailer, and our expert analysis, after the jump.

So, here is this week's offering. As YouTube viewers have noted, something pretty magical happens at the 1:56 mark, and it's not just the burbling lava that comes gushing through the abstracted bird's-eye-view landscapes. At least, that's what we think is happening there — it could be a humpback whale eating lichen.

Moreover, that image wouldn't be half as freak-out if it wasn't for the epic choral vocals sweeping over those huge guitars. Taken with earlier meandering moments, the superimposed nautilus image, and those evil-looking monkey men, Trip-Out Tuesday bestows upon this creation a solid…

7.9 out of 10 WCS Groovy Mushrooms.

We were working on the graphic for that, but we got high. Irie.

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