Transform Your Failing Business Into A Soaring Success With Industry Magnate Dr. Bharat Sangani

Despite trying everything, do you need help achieving optimal business success? Look no further than Dallas’ leading cardiologist, serial entrepreneur, devoted family man, and life and business mentor, Dr. Bharat Sangani. Nicknamed ‘Doc,’ the Mumbai-born expert is changing lives with his three-pronged principles and rule of thumb: health, wealth, and wisdom. By implementing a lifetime of knowledge and integrity into any company’s backbone, his newly released Business Mentorship Program will guide owners and CEOs in the right direction – a potential worth fighting for.

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Let’s be honest; your business is not where you want it to be. It could be that you’re not seeing sufficient results in the workplace, or perhaps the team has lost faith in the company’s overall mission. You have tried everything not to prevail, yet still, the weight of your business continuously looms overhead.

With so much potential bubbling in the heart of its foundation, the feeling that should remain stronger than ever is your burning desire to never give up. So, if you believe in your business model and believe that a different and more decisive leadership is the answer, then ‘Doc’ is where the search ends.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a massive demand in support for business owners, with many now recognizing that seeking help isn’t a sign of failure but a sign of caring about the business’s overall success.

So, if the business is slow, it is time to turn to the leaders who know. After all, having an experienced business mentor who is dedicated to your industry can have a significant impact on the expansion of your business. They are examples of leaders who have walked the walk and aim to help advise and positively challenge you and your business needs.

Described by his peers as someone who lives with a “servant’s heart,” one name in Dallas, Texas, whose eagerness to invest in others outshines many is none other than Dr. Bharat Sangani.

After arriving in the United States in 1983, with a mere $10.45 tucked neatly away, Dr. Bharat Sangani made it his mission to pursue a dream of building an empire packed with passion projects – all initiatives aimed at improving the lives of others.

Along his journey, he “won some and lost some but learned even more. My success has not been easy, but it is a result of accumulating many experiences and learning from them not to make the same mistake again,” shares Dr. Bharat Sangani. Now “my next mission is to help you do the same.”

Today, the successful visionary behind three diverse businesses in; medicine, real estate, and investment has proudly pinned over 30 years of experience to his chest.

From founding Encore Enterprises {generating over $2B in transactions} to being named a well-recognized motivational speaker to a wall riddled with medical certificates and awards, it’s clear that Dr. Bharat Sangani knows a thing or two about building brilliance.

Thanks to his tried and tested Life Is A Business Program, the Mumbai-born magnate nicknamed ‘Doc’ has helped realign many individuals with their goals to retain a purposeful, successful life.

This program was created from a concept based on his experience dealing with health, wealth, and wisdom – three core principles that Dr. Bharat Sangani affirms are the paving stones to “creating a roadmap to achieve your ultimate goal of life – happiness.”

But now he is on a mission – an extended operation to help dissect, support, and guide CEOs and business owners who feel stuck to do the same. “I have one mission; to make a said company more profitable or more profitable than what was handed over to me,” says Dr. Sangani.

One of the recurring reasons why businesses are underperforming is because companies and organizations may have the wrong CEO in place or have a leader in the seat that doesn’t know how to be one – yet. It could be a company that’s had a significant loss due to COVID or they have recently undergone employee retention.

Or it could be that they are simply stuck in the red and just don’t know how to get out.

When this happens, Dr. Bharat Sangani is here to step in. With his brand new Business Mentorship Program, ‘Doc’ acts as an interim CEO and implements small or large changes. Sitting down, he pinpoints your business’ opportunities, adds or replaces resources, discusses C-level changes, and puts together a strategic plan for you and your team.

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“I always say that the fish stinks at the head,” explains Dr. Sangani. “So you will need sea level changes whether it is CEO, CFO, or whatever it may be. We start by putting additional resources into those or replacing those positions. I usually run the company with rules of exceptions. So I give ownership of a problem to the people managing it. I also suggest you use me as a sounding board.”

Helping you figure out what’s wrong with the business and having a mentor standing by and directing you in what not to do and where to go is critical to getting your budgets and gear back on track.

He continues, “I don’t have a magic pill; I impart common sense. They must believe, trust, and devote enough time to the process.”

Leaders who feel stuck still hold onto hope.

With a positive mindset, anything is possible.

“I can’t save a dead patient, but give me the sickest patient you have, and I’ll bring them back to life,” concludes Dr. Bharat Sangani. “If somebody can run 100 miles an hour in one direction – they will get there faster than anybody else. But if they venture into valleys and nooks and different roads, they’ll never get there. I shut down the other avenues for them to run and give them a direction, the only direction they should run, and obviously, they find themselves successful.”

From helping others build health as a practicing cardiologist to advising and guiding others on building wealth and wisdom, Dr. Bharat Sangani is a business mentor who is guaranteed to improve your working environment, putting your passion project back on track.

If you are a business owner or CEO looking to improve your company, explore Dr. Bharat Sangani’s website here. Or, to get in direct contact with him regarding his Business Mentorship Program, tap here.

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