If you like your Greek drama complete with Greek food — and aren't feeling the urge to visit Greece anytime soon, which you wouldn't really, unless you're a member of the IMF — there's an event for you this Sunday afternoon in Highland Park. Tragic Dinner Theatre will be staging Ovid's Tereus at American Legion this weekend, presenting the Greek drama with masked actors, in the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte. But arguably the best part is that the play will come with food. The production will include a banquet, set out before the stage, that the audience is invited to partake in, simulating the banquet that would have been served at a contemporary party. So have at the wine, fruit, olives, cheeses, and pastries while the actors on stage have a feast of their own. Much better than stale popcorn and Milk Duds.

Tickets (you can buy them here) are $20 ($25 at the door); the event is a fundraiser for workspace, a venue for installations, performance and projects. Tragic Dinner Theatre: Sunday, May 23rd, at 2:30, at The American Legion in Highland Park, # 227 North Avenue 55. For more information, contact info@workspace2601.com.

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