King Elle Noir is here to bless the music world with her buttery vocals and magical energy. Based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter sees music as her outlet. At a young age, she was diagnosed with cancer and spent the majority of her hours in treatment writing about her struggles in her journal.

Fast forward to 2019, she unleashes her new single “BxTCH.” The pop/alternative song highlights the motions of giving someone your love who doesn’t deserve it. The three and a half-minute visual is directed by Elle herself, featuring a trippy, ethereal soundscape both visually and sonically.

She croons, “You gettin’ lil lil too lit / You gettin lil lil too lit / You a lil lil bitch.”

This is a record relatable to audiences all across the world. No one is worth your time if they’re not proving their worth. It’s time to focus on the ones in your life who matter. Vibe out above!

LA Weekly