With his unique and wide range of vocals, singer-songwriter Keith Cullen was well on his way as one of the fresh new faces in the music industry. Then he was diagnosed with stage three cancer.

With tremendous willpower and an overwhelming amount of support from his friends, Cullen was able to beat the odds, and is currently in full remission. This experience allowed and motivated him to tell the world his story through music. 

His new single “Piece of Me” marks a clear departure from the agony of Cullen’s past. The pop record sees Cullen in a place of determination regardless of the chaos we call life. No matter how hopeless or how far gone you feel, there is a light at the end of the tunnel — trust him.

He croons on the chorus: “Every time we meet you take a piece of me yeah, you say it’s nothing but it hurts to breath / If it’s so easy what’s this pain I’m feeling? You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

For anyone who hears the record, it’s an anthem for a life best lived. Cullen states, “After what I went through, surviving cancer and fighting with so many doctors, I’m more determined than ever to live life audaciously and mindfully. I hope everyone who hears ‘Piece of Me’ feels that strength for themselves.”

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