Dumbfoundead is back and this time, he holds nothing back. Fresh off the release of his Cafe Bleu EP, inspired by a bar he frequents in Koreatown, the Asian-American rapper and actor kicks off the new year with the official video for “Pink Bleu Dawn,” the closing tune on the six-track project.

Right off the bat, the mood is dark and eerie, setting the soundscape for the cinematic visual to come. Debuting on the 88Rising YouTube channel, the UNCUT-directed clip is somewhat reminiscent of a music video by Joji, as Dumb brings viewers into his mind in the most abstract way possible.

He raps, “I done it all before, at this point it's all boring/Cut my losses, I know my limits, I think I do.”

With a fire beat by Hippie Sabotage, it was only right he shot the real-life “Pink Bleu Dawn” through the streets of South Korea. The three-minute clip sees Dumb with bandages wrapped around his head covering a wound, pushing an IV rack as he struggles to find his way home, sky on fire and all.

LA Weekly