Beam has found music to be his calling from day one. The Jamaica-bred, Miami-born singer, songwriter and producer prides himself in bridging multiple sounds, creating his own lane of sonically-appealing hip-hop and R&B. Most recently, he unleashed his new project titled 95, and lead single “Unda Armor.”

The two-and-a-half minute records arrives laced with drums and bass in the production, as Beam effortlessly lays down his verses and hook. The wavy, uptempo beat lays the foundation for Beam to word vomit the thoughts in his head: comparing life to a battlefield.

He says, “‘Unda Armor’ is about the Holy Spirit to me, but it can mean anything to anyone who listens to the song. It can be what you feel like literally protects you when you walk outside of your house… every day is a battlefield.”

On the first verse, Beam recalls a normal day in the week, things we can all relate to. He spits: “Bills up high like the hills, this shit for real / Scope on top of the hill, this shit for real / Thursday I woke up right back to the job mayne / Friday haven’t slept I’m mixing in the pot mayne.”

At the end of the day, life is what you make it. For Beam, he plans on using music to get him through, while providing the soundtrack for fans to get by as well.


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