Ah, what starting a Facebook group can't do. This time, the cause is Hollywood's most beloved little footstool of an actor, or “Wizard of Oz” plot manipulator and master of eyebrow expressions (alongside such greats as the recently deceased Elizabeth Taylor) … Toto!

Poor guy was unearthed over half a century ago to make way for the Ventura Freeway (yeah, we know, outrage). In October 2010, a core group of dog people got wind of this nonsense, and have been pushing for a proper burial ever since.

What they finally secured this week goes far beyond proper:

A headstone at the glamorous Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard. According to CBS, that classic plot of burial ground is embedded with such star power as Douglas Fairbanks, Hattie McDaniel (“Gone With the Wind”) and Johnny Ramone.

Here's the Facebook group: “Toto Canine Movie Star Memorial Marker.” Turns out Toto has quite a fan base; some anonymous donations run as high as $100, for a grand total of $1,000. But there's still time to donate! And for those of you who find the whole thing ridiculous, don't bother letting the world know: Toto haters are promptly deleted from the group wall. Good Riddance.

R.I.P. buddy. We'll visit you soon and often.


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