Once upon a time we were falling in love, now we're only pushing this cart.

UK TV viewers are currently being thanked by MasterCard for their loyalty to some kind of supermarket card scheme through the following ad, featuring everybody's favorite over-the-top '80s chanteuse, Bonnie Tyler:

[Thanks to Heather Smith for the tip.]

The ad campaign, by the way, was the brainchild of the UK branch of McCann, better known to those who're not in the advertising racket as the bad, corporate guys in Mad Men!

Do you think this would play in the US? What would Don Draper do?

The lyrics are kind of amazing, though:

“Turn around Neville (x2)

We need to thank you tonight

We love you more than all the rest

'cos Neville baby you're the best

Half an hour ago you were buying some stuff

Now you're walking back to your car

And Neville now you're here, we're thanking you straight from the heart

We're thanking you straight from the heart (x2)”

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