Today's L.A. Daily News identifies the exotic dancer who was set ablaze yesterday as a Brazilian-born single mother of two named Roberta Abdue Dos Santos Busby. The 27-year-old Simi Valley woman had recently lost her bill-collector job and returned to dancing at Babes 'n Beer Sports Bar in Tarzana. Both fugitive suspects in the crime, Rianne Celine Theriault-Odom, 27, of North Hollywood, and Nathaniel Marquis Petrillo, 22, of Reseda, have police records. No motive for the fiery assault outside the bikini bar is known. Busby remains in critical condition at Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, with burns covering more than 40 percent of her body.

The Daily News also carries a separate profile

on Babes 'n Beer, citing its “checkered past” and noting that L.A. City

Councilman Dennis Zine had tried for years to shut down business at the

Oxnard Street location, which has had a contentious history of permit

violations and was once a strip bar called the Frisky Kitty. The Daily News describes Babes 'n Beer as a 6,666-square foot club that is a kind of adult entertainment emporium whose “Web site advertises

a 'seductive night life' of bikini-clad women with a 'free lapdance

with every bottle of wine or alcohol' on Friday and Saturday nights.”

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