Top Sales Trainer Mitch Sapoff’s Advice For Becoming A Remote Sales Closer

Mitch Sapoff LA Weekly and Mens Journal Featured image

In a cutthroat, frenetic industry – Mitch Sapoff has proven himself to be in the upper echelon sales professionals, having closed over 1000 high ticket sales in his career, fully remote.

The high-performing sales coach and recruiter is the CEO of RapidCloser and founder of the RapidClose™ Method– a coaching program that helps sales professionals succeed in the online sales industry as “remote closers.”

With his success in the sales sector, Mitch has gained the experience to offer a program for sales pros striving to become top performers. Mitch teaches his RapidClose™ Method to students and then helps them land top sales positions to utilize what they learned.

Mitch outlines some useful advice for anyone interested in breaking into the world of high-ticket remote sales:

1.   Partner up with a sales coach/trainer who actually cares about your success

Learning from someone who has been in your shoes can be an invaluable resource to take your game to the next level. Having a mentor to bounce questions off of, especially one you trust will serve you every step of the way. That level of connection with a coach will get you honest feedback that you can use to fine-tune your sales methods with confidence.

2.   Join a community of like-minded people

If you want to maximize the opportunities available to you and learn from others with new perspectives, it’s best to fully immerse yourself in the space and connect with people on a similar journey. A community can be an excellent learning ground to hone your skills and gain feedback while also staying on top of what’s happening in the industry.

3.   Leverage your network to land a gig

If you’ve fostered relationships by joining a community, you should be making connections that can serve to enhance your career. You get to this level only by doing the work in the previous step. This is where word-of-mouth and referrals can get your foot in the door, and lead to possibilities that wouldn’t be on the table if you hadn’t made the effort to join in on discussions and meeting people.

4.   Don’t become complacent. Keep practicing to improve your skills.

Every chance you get – you should be learning and taking in knowledge to give you an edge. You should act like a sponge, soaking up information on the daily. If you’re always honing your skills and practicing, the confidence you have in your sales game will increase exponentially as opposed to approaching your craft with a one and done attitude. If you assume you have everything figured out, that’s a recipe for being sloppy and unprepared.

Another piece of advice Mitch gives is that, “No one wants to hear your 30 minute pitch about how awesome your product is.”

He underscores that building rapport with a prospective client is best done by employing ‘active listening’, and ‘not by asking how the weather is’. If you’re just waiting for your prospect to hurry up and finish talking so you can launch into a blistering rundown on what your product can do for them – you’re not understanding what it is they actually need and obliterating your chance at creating a lasting relationship.

The advice coming from Top Sales Trainer Mitch Sapoff is a great starting point for entering the world of remote sales. The best nugget he can give is, “Discovery is about what the prospect wants…not what you want the prospect to want.” If you apply this piece of wisdom to your sales method, the results may very well surprise you.

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