A few weeks ago when we ran a Top 10 bánh mì list, a number of readers wrote and tweeted that there were OH JUST A FEW bánh mì shops that we might have included. Of course there were. Part of the fun of cataloging and list-making is that there's always so much room for debate. Pick your top 10 whatever and try sitting down to dinner with somebody (your mother, a numerologist, a certain food writer) and see how long you last. What might we have listed? Top Baguette. Buu Dien. Banh Mi My Tho. Ba Le. Nhu Lan. Number Nine. Also Top Baguette on Bolsa in Westminster, which just reopened a few days ago down the street from its original location. The owner, whose nickname is “Mocha” and who bought the original shop because he ordered so many blended mochas there, says that the menu is the same (a dozen bánh mì, avocado shakes and, of course, mochas), only the address has changed. Does this mean it goes on the Top 10 list? Did I say that? Did I? But the lemongrass bbq beef bánh mì is pretty tasty.

Top Baguette: 9016 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, (714) 379-7726. (website under construction)

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