Who else could have moved in with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo but Sandra Lee? Whatever you thought of the food on her show Semi-Homemade Cooking, where she combined 30% fresh ingredients with 70% premade products, with her megawatt smile she looked the stuff of red carpet and governor's ball dreams.

But for all her poise on her television show, it was always a mystery what life might be like in the governor's mansion until this Youtube video hit, a breast-grabbing, expletive-filled television blooper reel. Hinting at the semi-homemade host we never knew, we've found the Top 5 Sandra Lee videos. Warning: alcohol, profanity and tablescapes ensue.

5. Sandra Lee Outtakes Reel. Lee appears to be filming some type of liquor commercial here when she just can't finish her script. Curse words and a breast-grab shimmy follow. What's particularly amazing is her ability to immediately recover back into full-blown smile, exhibiting Michael Jordan-esque focus and determination. No worries about her losing her cool during a state dinner.

4. Italian Topiary Tablescape. The concept behind Semi-Homemade is that those with busy lives just don't have the time and money to cook with all fresh ingredients. In a memorable moment in the Number 1 video on this list, Lee bemoans the fact that a local grocer didn't have prewashed, precut mushrooms, forcing her to do all the work herself. Skip forward a minute in this video, however, and see just what she has the time and money for. Now imagine what happens when she steps it up a notch at the Governor's Mansion. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

3. Cocktail Christmas Tree. Anyone who's ever seen her show knows of Lee's love of the cocktail. Lee channels this passion into a Christmas tree with a stunning number of cocktail glasses as ornaments. Have you ever experienced that moment at a dinner party where you realize you own just one less glass than you need? So you, the host, end up using a mismatched glass? Sandra Lee hasn't.

2. Kwanzaa Cake. Setting off a national uproar when the episode first aired, Lee's Kwanzaa-inspired angel food cake can't be knocked for lack of originality: angel food cake cut in half, smothered with frosting, stuffed with an entire can of pie filling in its center and covered in acorns and pumpkin seeds. In a very funny interview with Salon, a Queens College professor discusses how closely Lee follows Kwanzaa doctrine. Cuomo probably has a full team to help Lee research in the future.

1. Sandra Lee Compilation. The genius of Sandra Lee compiled in one two minute video. Filled with vodka, Bushisms, and the word “delicious,” we can't say we know exactly what they're doing in the governor's mansion these days, but we're pretty sure they're having a whole lot of fun.

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