Arguably, anyone that lives to give head is going to be better than anyone that sucks dick (pun intended) obligatorily. I've had both men and women give it their all, after convincing me it would be worth it. 

However, sorry ladies, there are just some things guys do better. Sucking dick is one. 


1. We have a penis. We've been playing with it for longer than we admit, and know what we like. Knowing that, we can work with familiar territory.

2. We fantasize about getting sucked off more than anything else, and would do it ourselves if given the opportunity.

3. Men, by nature, are cock-suckers. You've yelled it, we've yelled it. No one can deny this fact.

4. Men are better designed for it. Social conditioning has made it acceptable for a man to unhinge his jaw in order stuff his face (full of food), while a lady must be dainty and proper and take small bites. Also, our mouths are just bigger. We've been designed to essentially deep throat anything we set our minds to.

5. Because we're men, and men are great at everything.

Disagree ladies? Shut up and suck my dick. (Just kidding.)

But really – despite my arguments above, I'll be forever more than happy and willing to accept your pleas and experience your attempts at proving otherwise. It's only fair. Real men compromise.

LA Weekly