Man, y'all did some clicking this year. You must have had, like, a lot of time on your hands, or not been interested in advancing in your professions or hanging out with your family. Well, we at West Coast Sound salute you! We love hanging out with you in our little corner of the internets, and you seem to like us too, considering we break our own records for traffic seemingly every week. But enough about us! Let's talk about you. What do you like about us? In 2011, anyway, here were the five posts of ours you read the most.

Tosin Abasi

Tosin Abasi

5. The Top Five Metal Guitarists Under The Age of 30

By Jason Roche (July 20)

Oh, the controversy! Jason Roche's decision not to put Animals As Leaders' Tosin Abasi at number one got folks more riled up than Mitt Romney's flippity-flopping on health care mandates, whatever they are. But the real reason this post resonated with readers, we believe, was because it cast aside the traditional moldy-oldy favorites of guitar magazines — we're looking at you, Guitar World — and embraced the less-heralded new crop of shredders.

Credit: Jena Ardell

Credit: Jena Ardell

4. Ten Fashion Combinations You Will Find this Year (and Every Year) at Coachella

Jena Ardell (April 7)

Maxi dresses with wide-brimmed hats we can live with. Rompers and cowboy boots (above) may cause your feet to smell, but hey. Short shorts with exposed pockets we're kind of into. Ray Bans and meticulously-groomed mustaches we're not that crazy about. But hipster headdresses and model pouts? We're on the next fixed gear bike out of Indio.

Break up? Who even knew Jimmy Fallon and Best Coast were dating?

Break up? Who even knew Jimmy Fallon and Best Coast were dating?

3. Top 10 Bands That Should Have Broken Up Instead of the White Stripes

Drew Tewksbury (February 3)

Where were you when you first heard Jack and Meg White would be no more? Were you at least sitting down? And, if you were a member of Pearl Jam, didn't it at least give you any sort of grand ideas?

2. Top 60 Worst Lil Wayne Lines on Tha Carter IV

Ben Westhoff (August 30)

On his magnum crapus Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne told us a lot about himself, like what the middle initial of his nickname Weezy F. Baby stands for. “Finisher,” he said on “6 Foot 7 Foot.” Or maybe “Fuck you,” as he claimed on “How To Hate,” or else “Fuck yourself,” as he said on “Nightmares Of The Bottom.” Who can keep track! In any case, one thing was for certain: Lil Wayne will rap about anything at any time, and he really doesn't care if it's entertaining or makes sense. (Peep the comments section, where I did my best to make fun of people in a schoolyard fashion.)

1. World's Douchiest DJs: The Top Five

Dennis Romero (November 16)

Dennis Romero is one of the country's great experts on electronic dance music. He's profiled and interviewed some of the most compelling DJs to come through town, including Loco Dice, who performed at the Music Box this weekend. But readers this year were more concerned — much, much more concerned — with whom he found to be the douchiest of the lot. God bless America.

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