Top 5 Entrepreneurs Of 2023

Introducing the Top 5 Entrepreneurs of 2023: These extraordinary individuals are not just dominating their respective fields, but are also redefining what’s possible in the world of business. From smashing Guinness World Records to pioneering billion-dollar ventures, they are the epitome of innovation, grit, and audacious ambition. Their stories aren’t just awe-inspiring; they offer invaluable lessons in how to carve your own path in today’s fast-changing landscape. Keep scrolling to uncover the secrets behind their meteoric rise to success. 

Alex Hormozi – A business strategist specialized in scaling companies, delivering transformative results, and providing immense value.

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Alex Hormozi is a seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist known for his knack for scaling businesses. Starting as a fitness trainer, he quickly pivoted to business consulting with his first venture, Gym Launch, which exceeded $100 million in revenue within four years.

Now leading, Hormozi specializes in crafting targeted acquisition strategies that have yielded significant returns for a diverse client base, including some of the world’s top organizations. He frequently shares his expertise on various media platforms, from podcasts to news outlets.

Hormozi recently hosted an online event for his new book, “$100M Leads,” that garnered an unprecedented 85,000 live participants. This achievement underscores both his digital influence and his vision for what’s next in business innovation. Click here to learn more about Alex Hormozi.

Paul Morris – a real estate thought leader with a proven track record shares his vision of the future.

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Paul Morris, a thought leader in the real estate industry, was most recently ranked #70 of the top 200 most powerful executives in residential real estate. He is the CEO of Keller Williams Forward Living, one of the most successful brokerages in the United States with more than 3,000 agents closing more than $8 Billion in annual volume, more than $120 Billion in closed volume, and 120,000 closed transactions since inception. The LA Business Journal recognized KW Forward Living as the 2nd largest brokerage in the highly-competitive LA market.

Paul is an educator and author of the NY Times Bestseller, ‘Wealth Can’t Wait’, and is the host of the new podcast ‘Radical Wealth Plan’, in partnership with Entrepreneur Media. Paul’s expertise extends far beyond facilitating transactions; he teaches buying and investing in real estate as a tool for building generational wealth. Through targeted training programs, he equips his 3,000-strong team with the knowledge and strategies to help clients make astute real estate investments.

Paul remains steadfast stating, “Real estate as an asset class is the single largest component of household wealth in the United States; it is and has been the best path to building generational wealth for most Americans.”  Paul sees a home, not only as a much-needed shelter for a family but also as a key entry point for families to begin their wealth-building journey.

As Paul has watched the market shift, he has seen previously qualified families get priced out of the market. Ever the innovator, Paul has set aside $1 Million of his own capital to launch his new fund Dream House Capital   ( which uses his investment model and his capital to help first-time buyers find their Dream Home in this challenging market.

Looking to the future, Paul foresees a real estate industry dominated by teams and individuals providing the highest quality, specialized services, utilizing knowledge, data, and technology making realtors stronger rather than replacing them. He intends to grow KW Forward Living by attracting, growing, and keeping top talent, with an emphasis on delivering high-quality services that meet the evolving needs of consumers. Paul is excited to share his insights on real estate investing on his new podcast Radical Wealth Plan created in partnership with Entrepreneur Media. To learn more about Paul Mark Morris and his transformative approach to real estate sales and real estate investment, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @paulmarkmorris, or visit his website at

Sara Connell – A bestselling author and TEDx speaker who transforms coaches and entrepreneurs into thought leaders, backed by neuroscience.

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From a challenging advertising job to the pinnacle of the thought leadership space, Sara Connell’s transformative journey exemplifies resilience and ambition. A serendipitous encounter with a transformative book led her to rebuild her life, chasing her long-held dream of becoming a writer. Today, Connell is a bestselling author, an esteemed TEDx speaker, and the driving force behind the Thought Leader Academy. Specializing in elevating coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs, Connell has empowered thousands to write bestsellers, captivate audiences, and build lucrative businesses.

What differentiates Thought Leader Academy is its multi-dimensional approach, rooted in neuroscience-based mindset training, coaching, and cutting-edge strategies. Backed by a Master’s degree from Northwestern University and multiple high-level coaching certifications, Connell’s methodology is both academically rigorous and practically invaluable. The academy stands out for its exceptional focus on “monetizing the mission,” ensuring that its clients are not only recognized but also empowered to create six and seven figures businesses through their methods, mission and stories. .

Connell advises upcoming entrepreneurs to boldly pursue what truly excites them. “Your wealth, impact and success will reflect the five people or groups with whom you spend the most time,” she says, emphasizing the role of strategic mentorship and community. By concentrating not just on revenue but on meaningful impact, Connell has created a business model where generosity and ambition coalesce to form unparalleled win-win scenarios.

Looking ahead, Connell is laser-focused on scaling. Having already doubled her impact and revenue year-over-year, she sees her academy evolving into an 8-figure enterprise by 2025. As a catalyst for women’s financial empowerment, she’s making a resounding impact well beyond her industry. For those looking to tap into her expertise, Connell offers free monthly masterclasses and a comprehensive guide, ‘7 Steps to Write a Revenue-Generating Bestselling Book,’ available on her website. 

Jason Wojo – A 9-figure digital marketer whose data-driven strategies have catapulted businesses from obscurity to 7-figure successes.

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Jason Wojo isn’t just a 9-figure digital marketer; he’s an industry authority whose strategic brilliance has turned Wojo Media into a global leader in paid advertising. With over $20 million spent on social media campaigns, Wojo Media has achieved a staggering 6:1 return, generating over $130 million for its clients. A trusted partner to 1,300+ businesses worldwide, the agency has successfully scaled 55 companies from scratch to 7 figures. Recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine and NY Weekly’s ’30 Under 30,’ Jason has also garnered attention from hundreds of media outlets for his precocious accomplishments in advertising.

Wojo Media is no ordinary agency; it’s a full-scale business accelerator. Beyond just driving traffic, the firm specializes in crafting high-conversion landing pages, backend sales systems, and marketing automations. Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned enterprise, Wojo Media offers a holistic suite of services designed to maximize ROI.

Jason Wojo’s counsel to up-and-coming entrepreneurs is both straightforward and profound: focus on high-value, high-ticket skills that make a genuine difference. In a market saturated with quick fixes and fads, Wojo urges a focus on sustainable, impactful niches. Networking is not just a strategy, but a lifeline; aligning with top players in your industry can transform your career from a dream to a revenue-generating reality.

With plans to turn Wojo Media into a $25 million juggernaut and a parallel goal to hit 7 figures with his educational company by 2023, Jason Wojo is a name you’ll want to remember. If you’re looking to scale your business, there’s no better time to engage with Wojo Media. Visit his official website or engage with him on Instagram and YouTubefor actionable insights.

Ryu Kesaji – Pioneering Entrepreneur and Visionary in Credit Consulting and Construction

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Meet Ryu Kesaji, a trailblazing entrepreneur who has firmly established himself as one of the top business minds of 2023. As the founder of “Honest to Goodness Concepts LLC,” Ryu’s credit consulting company has become synonymous with trust, integrity, and exceptional service. Within his enterprise lies the highly acclaimed “Credit Allegiant” credit repair service, which has revolutionized the way individuals and businesses approach credit management.

But that’s not all – Ryu Kesaji’s entrepreneurial prowess extends even further. Alongside his credit consulting success, he owns and leads “PMGR Development Group,” a General Construction Company that has made its mark in the construction industry. Under Ryu’s expert guidance as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), PMGR Development Group has accumulated an impressive portfolio of over $750 Million in project management experience. This remarkable feat led to the company being recognized as the top Project Management Company of 2023 by Construction Tech Review.

What sets Ryu apart from the rest is his innate ability to harness the power of the digital age. Over the past two years, he has organically cultivated a massive online presence, amassing a staggering 500,000 followers through various social media platforms. What’s even more astonishing, thus far, is that Ryu’s marketing and client acquisition efforts are purely organic, without any paid advertising, demonstrating his exceptional ability to connect with audiences authentically.

A testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise, Ryu Kesaji consistently books over 1,000 consultations each month, a remarkable achievement in the world of credit consulting. Beyond his own business success, Ryu has taken on the role of a mentor, guiding numerous businesses towards scaling new heights. His advice revolves around increasing the disparity between income and expenses, strategically leveraging credit with 0% APR funding to unlock growth opportunities.

Ryu Kesaji’s visionary leadership is amplified by his dynamic partnership with Jose Guilarte, CEO of PMGR Development Group. Together, they have garnered industry acclaim and recognition, being featured in “Global Business Leaders” as one of the “20 Companies who are Escalating Innovation in 2023”

In a world driven by innovation and disruption, Ryu Kesaji stands at the forefront, inspiring others to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through his multifaceted ventures in credit consulting and construction, Ryu continues to redefine success, leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape of 2023 and beyond.

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